I am a Spanish Economist, born in Madrid 60 years ago, with more than 40 years of experience in managing the investment funds (equity and credit) of multinational and domestic companies.

In addition, I completed an MBA at IE Business School and a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Currently in progress an PhD in economics on the impact on inflation of a lax money supply in situations of generalized quantitative easing.

For 18 years, I worked in large multinational companies, many of them in managerial positions, including the German telecoms sector with Wandel & Goltermann; International Logistics with Australian company Mayne Nickless; and Spanish Defense Contractor UEE (currently named Maxam).

During my time in London working for Mayne Nickless, I was Professor of Valuation and Strategy at Boston College. Subsequently, I moved to the financial sector, where I have worked for the last twenty years managing public and private capital investment funds. For the last 12 years I have been founding partner, CEO, and Investment Director of Orfeo Capital SGIIC (CNMV regulated, Spanish counterpart of American SEC) managing equity and fixed income funds of listed securities. Over the last twenty years at Orfeo Capital I was responsible for developing and managing listed markets investment strategy and expansion into the private equity sector. In the following link you can see a summary of the asset selection and management methodology developed during these years. infographic

During my career, I was involved in the strategic alignment of the international development of several companies, creating partnerships in 16 countries on four continents and closing strategic alliances in 24 countries. At the same time, I carried out 12 M&A operations. I was part of many investment committees for listed and unlisted companies and within the latter, from start-ups to mid-sized financial companies.

I have served as a Board Member, Chair, and CEO in several European, Latin American, African, and Asian companies.

I have had the opportunity to visit, for professional reasons, more than 70 countries and deal with many authorities, including ministers and presidents of government of different political persuasions, which has given me the conviction that a detailed analysis of geopolitics is vital when it comes to analyze the economy.

I have been invited to lecture at multiple universities and congresses, as well as taught academic courses on economic and geopolitical issues in Spain, the U.K and different Latin American countries. Course content, which is protected by rights of the organizer, can be found on source websites.

I am currently an active collaborator on a regular basis with radio and television media, on issues of investment strategies, macroeconomics, and geopolitics. Additionally, my collaboration extends to writing periodically in print media via an opinion article titled “The column of Miguel Angel”. Many of the media-based articles and videos of recent years are available on this website.

Among my public recognitions is being one of the 100 financiers of the year in Spain by the magazine Actualidad Económica