Technical notes

I have never invested in something that I have not researched myself. For me, before the numerical part, there is the product, the market, the managers,.... If it passes that filter we enter the numerical part, but one without the other makes no sense. I leave here some examples of my analysis.

La Salud El Nuevo Growth (I) Los Anticuerpos Monoclonales (28/septiembre/2021)
PDF – 7,9 MB

La Salud El Nuevo Growth (II) Las Vacunas (21/septiembre/2021)
PDF – 3,8 MB

S&P 500 (08/Mayo/2020)
PDF – 454,2 KB

House View (Abril 2020)
PDF – 5,1 MB

La Vacuna antiCovid (23/Abril 2020)
PDF – 16,1 MB

Los Test antiCovid /20/Abril/2020)
PDF – 13,2 MB

House View (Octubre 2019)
PDF – 1,5 MB