The pandemic meant that an unusual means of meeting, such as online, became the only method for quite a long time. The curious thing was that where before 100 people listened to you, now, thanks to the Internet, 1,000 listen to you, and they could interact in the same way as before. Here you have the webinars given during that period.

Webinar en the Club 51 of CDMX

For the first time humanity as a whole, and in many cases in a coordinated manner, is providing the necessary resources to find a solution to the problem causing the economic crisis, which for the first time in history is not an economic problem but, in this case, a health problem.

This crisis will provoke changes in the habits and customs of many people, especially those living in the world's leading economies, thus affecting the rest of the world.

Webinar Club 51
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The Ortega´s time of  Ortega y Gasset Fundation 

The renowned academic and cultural institution, the Ortega y Gasset Foundation, an institution for the transmission of multicultural knowledge, invited me during the pandemic to give an online seminar, or webinar, on how the confinements caused by the pandemic were affecting the economy, and to present my vision of what the world would be like in economic terms after the pandemic was over.

Webinar May 26, 2020
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What will the recovery look like? Winners and Losers.

Approach from factors external to the economy.

In modern history we find only two occasions where a factor totally external to the economy has caused a great recession and in both cases it has been a great war. Even the Great Depression of 1929 was caused by an economic factor. Miguel Ángel Temprano will approach us to a potential recovery scenario from a non-economic, geopolitical and health factor.

Webinar May 19, 2020
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Economic scenario / catastrophe or recession

Webinar celebrado el 16 de abril de 2020 dónde se hace un repaso a la situación macroeconómica del momento y se analizan expectativas de mercado en el corto y medio plazo. En dicha grabación se incluye el turno de preguntas realizados por los asistentes a quien lo ha impartido, Miguel Ángel Temprano.

Webminar (April 16, 2020)
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